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Aging in Community / North Buffalo Neighbors



Aging in Community is a program that is catching on throughout the nation as part of a Village to Village movement.   The goal of such programs is to encourage seniors to stay in their own homes by providing them with the services they may need to remain independent and avoid going into assisted living facilities or nursing homes.   The successful ones are membership based and have paid staff but most also rely on a large volunteer base to provide neighbor-to-neighbor assistance.   Most can be called a kind of concierge service.  They do research and background checks on  vendors and care providers so that members can feel confident when they call for assistance that the person or company they are letting into their homes comes with some degree of vetting.   The groups also provide information on services available in the community and hold informational/social meetings for their members.

Aging in Place / Flint Hill Village is Parkside's program for making our community safe and welcoming for people of all ages and abilities, with a focus on older people and the disabled.

We are also cooperating with the UB Department of Rehabilitation Science in a Falls Prevention project whereby seniors can access free home safety tips and assessment of their homes.   

New smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for our senior and disabled residents.

On June 12, 11 Parkside volunteers installed free smoke/fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in 15 homes of senior residents. This effort was funded in part by the Community Health Foundation of Central and Western New York and a grant from New York State enabled by Senator Antoine Thompson. The organization of this effort was skillfully organized by our former Western New York AmeriCorps funded Program Coordinator, Alecia Zimmerman.


New Projects!


Lighting: Good interior and exterior lighting in your home makes it safer, pleasanter, and more attractive. Flint Hill Village will be sponsoring a program this autumn for installation of better lighting in the homes of our senior and disabled residents. We've teamed up with an electrician to install decorative photo-detector light fixtures for front porches that will enable lights to turn on automatically at dusk. A second offering will be motion-sensitive lighting fixtures for the backs and sides of houses and for garages to provide extra safety and convenience. In addition, we'll be providing screw-in-motion-sensitive adapters for interior lighting in locations such as stairwells and basements. These handy fixtures will be provided at the electrician's discounted cost. The cost will be subsidized for low-income residents. If you are interested in finding our more about the program please email us at:


Telephone Assurance Project: Would you like to participate in a Telephone Assurance Program to provide peace of mind and regular phone contact, especially during those long, dark winter days? We're planning to set up a program for everyone who wants a friendly phone call on a regular basis. If you're interested in getting calls and/or making calls please contact us at for more information.

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