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Traffic Committee


The PCA Traffic Committee is involved with traffic, pedestrian and transit issues in the Parkside area. Our goal is to work for a safe and accessible neighborhood for walkers, bikers, drivers and riders. The committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. If you are interested in joining the committee or have an issue you think the committee needs to address, please email us at or call the PCA office.


Community Meeting to discuss our Parkside Neighborhood Traffic Study
Wednesday, November 12
6:30pm - 8:30pm
St. Mary's School for the Deaf
Neighbors, the next community meeting to discuss the Parkside Neighborhood Traffic Study has been scheduled. Please attend this meeting to review the study's findings and ensure that your voice is heard. 
Please also consider taking a look at the most recent version of this study and letting us know your thoughts. In order for the City to put together the best possible plan for Parkside, we need to know your opinion on these points. The April presentation of the study can be found below. 
You can let us know your feedback by contacting our Traffic Committee at or contacting the PCA's office at and (716)838-1240. 


Parkside Traffic Study Presentation - Nov. 12th, 2014 - Download here.

Parkside Traffic Study - April 24th Presentation - Download here.

City of Buffalo Department of Public Works Parkside Traffic Study presentation. Download here.


Parkside Avenue and Florence Avenue Intersection
The City has recently installed two radar operated speed signs on Parkside Avenue, one to the north of the Florence Street intersection and a second to the south. This is part of the ongoing effort to address an unsafe condition at this corner, which was the subject of a recent third-party safety assessment. They are both solar powered and will post the speed of cars traveling in real time, as well as track the speed readings so as to compile more detailed data. Buffalo Police Commissioner Derenda has said that the first of what will soon be many to be installed City-wide has gone to Parkside.


We look forward to working with the City on additional improvements to this corner but wanted to take this opportunity to thank the tireless efforts of our Traffic Committee volunteers, as well as the City Engineers, Councilman LoCurto and the Buffalo Police for working together to address this long standing concern.

To those residents and members concerned about the intersection of Parkside Avenue and Florence Avenue, we need your input.  After years of pushing for the City to address this corner, after drunk drivers ending up in the lawns of nearby homes, after an out of control car managed to knock a fire hydrant 8 doors away from where it was installed, we are finally seeing progress towards real change.  The City has contracted an independent consultant firm to conduct a Safety Assessment of this intersection, and develop a series of recommended alternatives.  Recently a draft report has been produced, and the consultant is looking for feedback from those of us who live with and use this intersection every day.

The report identifies a number of concerns, and lists possible alternatives for mediating each problem.  These alternatives are then assigned an estimated cost as well as a priority level.  Note that the assumed costs are listed as if each intervention were taken separately. 

Once our collective comments have been submitted and included in the report, and the final draft has been submitted to the City, we will switch gears and start fighting for the implementation of the recommendations.  Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter, and as always, please contact the PCA if you have any questions about either the report or the process moving ahead.

A PDF copy of the draft report is available to download here.


Please use the online form to make a comment - Online Comment Form Here



Medaille College Walkway

Medaille College has applied for and is pursuing the following upgrades related to the access of their campus at the intersection of Route 198 and Parkside Avenue.  This plan has received City approval, and is waiting on State Department of Transportation review.  The overall intention is to improve pedestrian safety as students cross the highway.  Of particular note the plan would:
  1. Restripe all stop bars and crosswalks
  2. To the south of Rt 198 remove the sidewalk on the east side of the street, and replace it with a new sidewalk on the west side, where the majority of pedestrian traffic crosses the highway currently.
  3. The north bound side of the short street leading from Medaille to the 198 is actually designed as a wide two-lane road (one lane in each direction), though it is often used as a three-lane road (two lanes headed north, one for turning left, the other for turning right).  This plan expands the roadway to accommodate this use.
  4. Install sidewalk ramps and replace granite curbs at Burbank Drive.
  5. Resurface areas of the roadway.

Medaille College Walkway Plans - View or Download PDF file